I am a doer of many things and a learner of all.

I am currently located in San Diego, California. As a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz with a B.S. in General Physics and a B.A. in Pure & Computational Mathematics, I offer private individual and group tutoring services for all undergraduate courses in Mathematics and Physics. Below is a list of a few of the courses for which I offer tutoring services.

Mathematics Courses
  • Differential & Integral Calculus
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Vector Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • College Algebra
Physics Courses
  • Mechanics
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Waves & Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Modern Physics Topics
    • Special & General Relativity
    • Nuclear & Particle Physics
    • Quantum Physics

Hourly rates differ by course and group size, but usually vary between $30 - $60 per hour, so please inquire below for an exact price. I am also available for evening and weekend sessions.

For a complete list of university-specific courses click the links below.

UC San Diego
San Diego State
MiraCosta College

I am currently conducting research in various topics related to mathematical physics and space science. A few of my current investigations are featured below.

Random Matrix Theory
I am currently conducting research into the probability of producing a positive-definite random GOE matrix when the entries of the matrix are subject to a localization constraint. This probability has applications in cosmology and has deep implications on the natire and origin of our universe.

Lunar Elevator
In the Summer of 2015 I had the good fortune to attend a boot camp hosted by Exosphere where we worked on developing Space Elevator technologies and infrastructures. During our three week stay in a beautiful castle in Bercel, Hungary we worked with Michael Laine, founder of the LiftPort Group to answer a few questions about their plans for a Lunar Elevator. I worked with my partner to answer a question about disaster mitigation in the event of a tether severance scenario. We worked with a open source program developed by NASA called the General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) to do the numerical calculations to come up with the optimal teather length to avoid a collision scenario between the counter-weight and Earth orbiting sattelites. Also Earth, of course. Here is our (unfinished) paper on our research. Our work is also available on OSF and our codes available on GitHub.


When I am not busy working or being generally awesome I like to dabble in various things. Here is a sample of some of my current projects.


During my time as an undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz I co-founded the first undergraduate Math Club, a small organization of math majors, minors and math enthusiasts who met weekly to discuss cool math topics. In order to increase our media presence I began creating a web page to showcase our events and our community outreach. Unfortunately, during my last two years at UCSC as I served as the club's president I became too busy with my studies to complete the site. Here is the template of what I started with.

Magic Missile

A web app designed to help build a D&D character for version 3.5


If you care to contact me here are the best ways to do so:

E-mail: nick.isber@gmail.com

Also here are my social medias. I suppose you can contact me there also.